Limitations on Services

There are some limitations on our services. If you may fit into one of the categories described below, please contact us at BEFORE making an appointment.

  • As stated elsewhere, we will not prepare tax returns for individuals or couples whose combined income is greater than $60,000.
  • We will not give advice or consult with individuals who wish to complete their own tax returns.
  • We reserve the right to decline to prepare returns when the client has investment income, especially in cases where the portfolio amount and/or total proceeds are substantial.  
  • We cannot prepare any tax preparation that includes any transaction with electronic currency.
  • We reserve the right to decline to prepare returns whose complexity or level of detail is beyond our capabilities.
  • We may decline to prepare returns where the client has income from more than two states.
  • We will not discuss or negotiate with clients regarding our interpretations of tax law and tax regulations. We will not furnish copies of returns that have not been submitted.
  • We cannot discuss tax return-related information with anyone other than the client, this is confidentiality under the law.