How to Make An Appointment

Please click here to schedule an appointment.


(Available time slots will be clearly visible in the calendaring application.)

Appointments will be held in LaFortune Student Center, Room 108A, from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, beginning on February 19 and continuing through April 12.

Before you make an appointment:

  1. Be sure you have US income.
  2. Be sure you have your income documents, especially your 1042-S if you think you are supposed to have one. (Please see "What If I DO Have US Income?")
  3. Be sure you are available for your appointment time.
  4. Appointments often can be completed in an hour or less, but it sometimes can take longer. Do not make an appointment unless you can spend at least an hour and a half with your tax preparer.

If you have questions about scheduling an appointment or completing the Intake Form, please email us at

If you find that you cannot keep your appointment email us at or call us at 574-631-6142.