Email Tax Preparation Services

If you were a member of the Notre Dame Community for at least one semester during 2018 (and satisfy our income limit of $60,000 for the year), we will prepare your 2018 tax returns.


If and only if you have left campus, whether you are still in the U.S. or reside elsewhere, we will prepare your taxes via email.


Here are the things you need to know:

  1. Please contact us between January 15 and March 1 and let us know that you would like to use our email services.
  2. Our income limit of $60,000 for 2018 still applies.
  3. Even if you have left the U.S., you should keep your U.S. bank account open. The tax authorities will not directly deposit refunds into a non-U.S. bank account. They will instead send a check to the address on your tax return. If that is an international address, there could easily be problems getting the check to the destination.
  4. When you request email services, be sure to gives us a NON-NOTRE DAME email address. Your ND email will expire within a short time after your leave the university.
  5. We will send your a list of documents that you need to send back to us. The list will include all information required for an on-campus appointment, plus other documents or information.
  6. We use encryption to protect the sensitive information in your documents. Do not send documents to us until we provide you with a link to encrypt them.
  7. If you do not hear from us by March 1, contact us again.


As with all of our services, if you have any questions, contact us at