Prior to scheduling your appointment, please:

  1. Complete an Intake Form (If you do NOT have U.S. income, please do NOT make an appointment (What if I do not have US income?).
  2. Be sure you have your income documents, especially your 1042-S if you think you are supposed to have one. Please see What if I DO Have US income? for more on Income Documents.
  3. Be sure you can dedicate a full hour and a half to your visit as appointments may run over.

Please read before making an appointment:

  • If you do NOT have U.S. income, please do NOT make an appointment: What if I do not have US income?
  • The University Payroll Department does not expect international students and scholars to receive Forms 1042-S before March 4th. If you anticipate receiving a Form 1042-S (because you completed a treaty application Form 8233 / W-9 this year or in a prior year), please do not schedule an appointment before receiving your Form 1042-S. We will not be able to complete your return without this form.

Please click here to make an appointment. Appointments are generally available Monday - Thursday between 10am and 3pm, between February 18th and April 11th.