Who is eligible

Clients for the Community Tax Assistance Program (TAP) must:

  • Be either a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident (LPR or green card holder) AND
  • Income of $35,000 for single individuals and $50,000 for families

TAP cannot prepare returns for anyone with:

  • Income from rental property
  • Form 1099-A (Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property)
  • Form 1099-C (Cancellation of Debt) for discharged debt other than credit card (Box 4)
  • Income earned outside Indiana

If you own your own business, TAP cannot prepare your return if you:

  • Had business expenses of more than $25,000
  • Did not use the cash method of accounting
  • Had an inventory at any time during the tax year
  • Had a net loss from the business
  • Had employees during the year
  • Were required to file Form 4562,Depreciation and Amortization, for your business
  • Deduct expenses for the business use of your home

TAP clients are assisted at many different locations by Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College students, as well as faculty and local CPA volunteers, familiar with income tax preparation.

Additionally, the program provides limited on-site assistance to mobility impaired taxpayers unable to visit one of the TAP locations. During tax season (February through April 17), please call 574-631- 7863 to request such help. After April 17, please call 574-631- 6412 with questions or requests for additional assistance.